Junicon partnership with ANTERIO

We are happy to announce that Junicon has entered into a collaborative relationship with ANTERIO Inc. in Japan through the sale of our Japan-based operations to ANTERIO. ANTERIO is Japan’s largest healthcare marketing research company and the healthcare marketing research subsidiary of the INTAGE Group. ANTERIO is well-known in Japan for its innovative research solutions and its high-quality research output – particularly in the OTC and ethical pharmaceutical markets. ANTERIO also maintains a large team of medical interviewers and a panel of nearly 50,000 physicians in Japan through its wholly-owned fieldwork service subsidiary, PLAMED Inc.

ANTERIO’s portfolio of services includes custom ad-hoc research, syndicated multi-client studies, pharma rep tracking and evaluation services, and low-cost quick online surveys. Junicon will add to that its expertise in medical device and healthcare technology research through establishment of the “Junicon Team”, a new group within ANTERIO’s research solutions division. Additionally, Junicon will augment PLAMED’s panel with its broad Japan-based panel of healthcare professionals including physicians, clinical engineers, lab technicians, radiology technicians, C-level respondents, nurses, and more. This will ultimately allow our clients quick and seamless access to one of the largest panel of physicians and other healthcare stakeholders in Japan. We are excited about the opportunity to further enhance ANTERIO’s infrastructure in Japan and to work with its veteran team of researchers in developing innovative research services for our clients in Japan and other Asian markets.

ANTERIO’s new Junicon Team will be managed by Junicon’s current Representative Director in Japan, Michael LoPresti, and will be staffed by Junicon’s current Japan-based team of medical device research specialists. Michael will also serve as an executive officer for ANTERIO and will advise ANTERIO’s CEO, Yoshiya Nishi, on topics related to the further development of ANTERIO’s medical device research and real-world data services in Japan and other Asian markets. Michael worked for the Medical Research Department of INTAGE (now ANTERIO) from 2005 to 2010 and is well-acquainted with ANTERIO’s capabilities. Michael will also continue to serve as an Advisor to Junicon globally for research in Asia and for market access (pricing and reimbursement) research.

ANTERIO’s sister companies within the INTAGE Group also present us with some exciting opportunities for collaboration in Japan and help us offer a broader range of services in Japan and Asia for our healthcare technology clients moving forward. The INTAGE Group companies also includes: ASKLEP, a CRO with strength in the collection and management of post-marketing surveillance and real-world data; INTAGE Technosphere, a technology company focused on building high-speed data utilization platforms, including healthcare data platforms; and the Japan Medical Information Research Institute, which maintains a database of prescription and dispensing data through a nationwide network of physicians and pharmacies. Outside Japan, the INTAGE Group includes INTAGE CHINA and PLAMED Korea – both of which provide healthcare research services. We recognize that China and South Korea are important markets for our clients. Through our collaboration with ANTERIO and its sister companies, Junicon will further expand its services in those markets.

In partnership with ANTERIO, Junicon will continue to provide top quality research in Japan and Asian markets. Outside Japan, Junicon will support ANTERIO with research in the US, Europe, and emerging markets. This collaboration will benefit our clients through greater capabilities in Japan and other Asian markets and greater access to innovative research solutions and top-quality research output. 

We are excited about the road forward and we hope you will join us for the ride! 

The Team of Juniper Consulting Group, Inc. (Junicon)