Public Health

At the heart of Junicon’s Public Health practice is our ability to fully analyze target disease epidemiology by country or region of interest.

Understanding the current landscape for target disease intervention strategies involves in-depth analysis of public policy, priorities and decision-making as well as evaluation of current products, activities and players involved in prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

In order to develop new strategies with the highest likelihood of success, Junicon strives to identify inefficiencies and unmet needs in the fight against target diseases. We measure the cost-effectiveness of different current and hypothetical public health interventions in order to prioritize their impact on overall societal health status.

Junicon also identifies international and domestic sources of funding for healthcare interventions and drafts value proposition arguments to potential funding sources.

A project may also involve identifying options for public-private partnership (PPP), or collaboration among international organizations, NGOs, foundations, universities, governments/health ministries or other companies.

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