Why Junicon?

We have been led to believe through the feedback we've received over the years that we possess three distinct qualities that give us a competitive advantage.

  1. The first quality is a deep niche expertise. We are a global healthcare market research firm. That means that we know why infusion pumps must be smaller in Japan, what French cardiologists think of Clinical Decision Support, how much it would cost to interview 10 hospital CEOs in the US, and which drug-eluting stent the literature really supports. We focus very hard on our chosen intersection of healthcare and market research with a global scope, and we enjoy letting our experience show through the conversations with our clients.
  2. The second quality is an ethical one: we proactively manage our client portfolio to avoid working for clients in the same strategic vertical. We make sure that we can always answer, "yes" to the question: "Are we fully able to root for the success of our client on every engagement?"
  3. The third quality is the accessibility of our senior leadership to each and every one of our valued clients. Our management team works collaboratively to deliver our full range of global capabilities to each client. Each of the 4 partners is involved at least indirectly with each and every project, with the goal of providing the support and expertise to make each client feel like our only client.



With our substantial experience and direct access to all the most important target groups in the healthcare markets, we are able to help your company to achieve business goals, deliver innovation and improve its competitive positioning.

Our findings are research-based; combining these results with our consulting experience in the various fields of healthcare, we are able to deliver clear and meaningful recommendations and strategic insights that will set your company ahead of your competitors.

We will only accept a client engagement if the value to the client's business far exceeds our cost to deliver.