About Us


To be the premier global market research, health economics and strategy consulting services partner to our valued healthcare clients


  • Enhance our clients’ ability to deliver innovative healthcare solutions in worldwide markets
  • Create a positive environment for employees to grow professionally in line with their interests and goals
  • Continuously improve internal processes through effective collaboration and training
  • Create shareholder value
  • Dedicate a portion of our resources and expertise to improving opportunities for children around the world

Client Value

Junicon's goal is to develop long-term global partnerships with our clients. We are focused on excellent client service rather than new client acquisition.

Our clients have a direct relationship with one or more of our principals. Our management team works collaboratively to deliver our full range of global capabilities to each client.

We are confident of our ability to provide value to our clients, and we will not accept an engagement unless we are convinced that the value delivered will far exceed the project costs.

Client Satisfaction is an integral part of our corporate philosophy and our employee compensation program. It is our goal to delight our customers and continue to exceed their rising expectations with each engagement.

Employee Value

We recognize that customer satisfaction can only be driven by satisfied employees, and we continuously strive to maintain and improve our environment of mutual respect and cooperation throughout our organization. We attract and retain professionals who value teamwork above individual recognition, and demonstrate integrity and positive thinking in their professional and personal lives.

We have found it valuable to maintain an "open books" accounting policy. Monthly reports are provided to all employees.

Employees are given flexible options for working in a virtual office setting if they so desire. Supported by our commitment to fully integrated networks, some members of our team are able to improve their work efficiency and quality of life by working remotely.

We outline a clear career path and offer opportunities for equity partnership to top performers with a proven track record with the firm.

One of the policies we are most proud of is our equal compensation for all partners. In practice, this policy ensures cooperation at the highest levels of the organization and eliminates all conflicts over client origination and other performance metrics that tend to occupy conventional professional services firms. This policy generates collaboration and brings significant benefits to our clients.

Process Excellence

Our process of knowledge management ensures that we are leveraging knowledge throughout our organization, building on our capabilities through outside study and effectively managing our client relationships. We have processes in place that enable us to simultaneously be customer-focused and concentrate on the deployment and continuous improvement of our internal "best practices".

Shareholder Value

We charge a fair value for our services that enables steady growth of the corporation. However, we will not accept a client engagement unless the value to the client's business far exceeds our cost to deliver.

Our Cause

Junicon is dedicated to improving opportunities for children around the world by contributing volunteer hours and a share of our global profits every year.

If you want to learn more about our charity projects please click here.

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