Research Services

Junicon provides research-based consulting services in global healthcare markets. 
We deliver reliable information and actionable strategic insight in the following industries:

Our significant experience in global health care markets is reflected in the large number of speciality areas we have covered in quantitative and qualitative projects in all major geographies over the years.

For more details on our background in a particular market, please contact Junicon.

We offer a range of programs developed to meet the needs of our valued clients. Each project is customized to the needs of the client, and will often contain a combination of different project types and methodologies. The following is a list of our most common services

Junicon offers a range of methodologies to deliver strategic insight. Some common ones include:

  • Conjoint / Trade-off Analysis
  • Kano's Method / Customer Requirements Analysis
  • Van Westendorp Pricing Analysis
  • PIN Segmentation Analysis
  • Econometric Modeling

Junicon's Innovative Methodologies for Market Research

Traditional market research techniques such as focus groups, qualitative telephone interviews and online surveys are still at the core of many of the projects that Junicon completes.

However, there are many new market research methodologies and techniques that our team is using to get the best results for our clients. Often these are new technologies that we apply to more traditional research methods.

Here is an introduction to some of these more innovative research methods:

Webcam-based Online Group Discussions and Interviews: Junicon can organize virtual group discussions and 1-1 interviews with clinical experts. During these online/telephone discussions we use webcams to capture the facial expressions of the participants. This approach is recommended for research with participants in remote locations and for projects with limited budgets (reduced travel costs).

Online Communities and Collaboration Tools: We collaborate with the leading providers of software for online discussion boards and similar collaboration tools where our respondents can interact and share ideas and feelings in multi-day or weekly studies. The participants can participate from a wide range of communication devices and are flexible in terms of when they want to participate.

Mobile Ethnography and Mobile Market Research: Respondents are asked to record their thoughts, feelings, and decisions on a regular basis through guided journaling, shooting photo/video from their smartphone, responding to prompts, and other mobile research methods. Respondents can participate from their mobile devices (smartphones, tablet computers, etc.) on their own schedule. Often, mobile market research can enable more cost effective research compared to traditional telephone interviews while providing a similar degree of detail and depth.

Big Data Analytics: Our team of data experts use big data analytics to enhance the reach and depth of the research results for our clients. Our collection of data across multiple clinical environments can be used for predictive and behavioral analytics. Often big data analysis is used in combination with traditional qualitative and quantitative market research techniques.

Observational Research: Junicon has the capability to organize observations of live surgical/medical cases in hospitals or private-practices. This approach is usually combined with follow-up interviews with the clinical stakeholders.

Device Design & Usability Testing Research:  Developing truly innovative medical devices involves the collaboration of marketing and design teams to explore unmet needs and to develop and test new design concepts. Moreover, regulatory bodies have become more demanding in their requests for the validation of new product designs from a usability standpoint. Junicon routinely supports medical device manufacturers and design experts with the implementation of design testing and formative research in the US, Europe, and Japan.  With our viewing facility in the Tokyo area and access to external facilities worldwide, we are helping our clients get a real sense of how users interact with new devices.

For further information on our methodology offerings, please contact Junicon.